Saturday, August 08, 2009



The panel of four:
  • Norman Baker MP

  • Frances Swaine of Leigh, Day & Co solicitors

  • Marc Sigsworth, Producer of the BBC 2 Conspiracy Files programme on Dr Kelly's death

  • Nick Pope, MoD


Strategist said...

On Thursday 12 November 2009 Jack Straw abolished the centuries-old right to an independent inquest under a coroner for an unexplained death.

Which provoked this head scratching in a Guardian editorial on Monday 16 Nov:

"Campaigners for legal reform, such as Inquest or Liberty, are puzzled about why the state has felt the need to take a hammer and chisel to chip off a bit of the constitution for no pressing reason. They speculate that the government may now have a way of holding in secret inquests that otherwise might embarrass – like that of Jean Charles de Menezes, or a future inquest into the victims of the 7 July bombings. Speculation has been fuelled by Mr Straw's inability to name more than one coroner's inquest in the past five years to which the new regime might apply. The one he did name is the still-delayed inquest into the death of Azelle Rodney, shot by the police in 2005."

I was wondering if the reason was something to do with Dr David Kelly?

Patch mtbnut said...

Dr David Kelly Was silenced because he was prepared to say the evidence for war was not true, MI5 cia, silanced him, Alister camble and Blairs war mongers had there way and wanted to go to war,

tom g said...

Has a petition on been considered? After the Attorney General's statement to the H of C ('no difference between the Hutton inquiry' and a coroner's inquest' etc. etc.) outrage is such that I feel confident of an enormous number of signatures in support of an inquest.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right in every way. I find it disgusting what the labour government and tony Blair did in the whole Dr Kelly and going to war with Iraq affair. Please continue your excellent work and pushing this matter and publicising it.

My heart does go out the the Kelly family.

One point I would like to add, a man of his responsibility and dealing with the likes of Saddam at the time for all of those years, why would he give his own life up.

I hope the truth comes out one day.........before 70 years time