Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The Strange Death of David Kelly

by Norman Baker MP

Guaranteed to a be a sensational book... Norman Baker has been researching the book for over a year, and has a mass of new material, much of which has never been revealed before.

The high-profile death of David Kelly is regarded by many as suspicious, and the events surrounding it as 'unfinished business'. Norman Baker has carried out extensive research, and shows how the verdict of suicide is not credible. The traditional inquest was replaced by the Hutton Report, which proved unsatisfactory in so many ways.

The book looks in detail at the motives for the unlawful death of Dr Kelly; the various possibilities of who could be involved - before sensationally coming down with the most likely scenario - to be revealed for the first time on publication.

The book also analyses and criticises the official process instigated after his death, putting the entire episode into its British political context, and looking at the actions of government, particularly in relation to the Iraq war.

Norman's book will be published in November and available via Amazon.