Friday, February 16, 2007

One in four doubt David Kelly killed himself

[23% 'believe he didn't' and 39% 'don't know' - so actually, fewer than 40% think he committed suicide]

NEARLY a quarter of all people questioned in a BBC poll do not believe former Government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly killed himself.

The poll for the corporation found that 23% of people believed Dr Kelly didn't commit suicide, while 39% believed he did and 39% said they did not know.

Dr Kelly was found dead on July 18, 2003 after being named as the possible source of a BBC story on the Government's Iraq weapons dossier.

An inquest was adjourned indefinitely while Lord Hutton held an inquiry. Oxfordshire coroner Nicholas Gardiner concluded in March 2004 that there were "no exceptional reasons" to justify reopening it.

The official account given by the Hutton Inquiry said that Dr Kelly committed suicide by cutting his left wrist. He had also taken an overdose of the painkiller Co-Proxamol.

The poll comes ahead of a three-part BBC Two series, The Conspiracy Files, starting on Sunday, investigating conspiracies into Dr Kelly's death, the World Trade Centre attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing.

The programme on Dr Kelly, to be broadcast on Sunday, February 25, will examine in detail the hours leading up to and immediately after his death.

The Gfk NOP poll surveyed 1,000 adults in the UK by telephone between 27-29 October last year.

Do you think David Kelly killed himself? Have your say.

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sylvia.cox said...

I've always said it was a criminal whitewash - let's hope this programme, although on BBC2, will make people sit-up and take notice.

Why on earth wasn't there an Inquest? A new Enquiry and an Inquest should be set up to find the truth. The two (or was it three?)Det.Constables who supposedly stood guard over the body should be cross-examined under Oath ~ I'm quite sure they hold the key to what really happened.

Please check-out my petition to No10. Search 'Dr. David Kelly' and sign it, please.

Many thanks,Sylvia.

Anonymous said...

If tonight's Conspiracy program is anything like the fudge on 9/11 last week, and Dianna a few months ago, it won't be worth watching.


Grumtatt said...

That's funny ......
The intro text claims that only "One in Four think that Dr Kelly was murdered" ......

because ALL of the people I talk to believe that David WAS INDEED MURDERED !

I "smelled a rat" when the news about David's death was first released and we were told that the police had been looking for David, only two hours after he had "gone for his walk".

Only a few weeks before Dr Kelly was killed a friend of mine contacted me to say she was very worried about her husband. Things were very bad at work, he was in danger of losing his job and she had recently discovered that he had been hiding MASSIVE DEBTS from her. She was frightened because that day he seemed to be "not himself" when he left for work, and later she had tried to contact him but was told that hadn't arrived at work. She thought he might try to take his own life.

I went with her to the Police Station, but the police told us that .......

Regardless of her fears, they couldn't do ANYTHING, because as an ADULT her husband couldn't even be listed as a Missing Person, until he had been missing for OVER 24 HOURS !

So by taking the PROMPT action that they did, the Police obviouslt thought that David's life was in SERIOUS DANGER, and not for one minute do I believe that they would have taken that attitude if the "risk" was just of suicide.

I am CERTAIN that the Police believed that David was in danger of being MURDERED !

Rowena Thursby said...

ACC Page said in his testimony to the Hutton Inquiry that "all missing persons are subject to an assessment". Initially Kelly was classified as a medium risk missing person, but when the Chief Superintendent was informed, being more aware of Dr Kelly's political importance at the time, she raised the risk "somewhat higher".

So as Dr Kelly was deemed high risk, it would have been appropriate to have searched straightaway. My guess is that in this case "high risk" applied not so much to risk per se, as to Kelly's pivotal importance politically at the time.

Anonymous said...

The French Secret service carried out this ... from a flight that orginated in Corisca....