Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I have received dozens of thoughtful responses to the programme examining Dr Kelly's death, and will try to answer them over the next week. Answers will be published here to the points that tend to be repeated - for instance, the pads found stuck to Dr Kelly's upper body are not significant because they were placed and left there by the paramedics when they tested for a heartbeat. Meanwhile, you might take a look at some of the comments below.


Alan Keys said...

Has it ever been discovered where the coproxamyl (sp) tablets came from? I thought this would have been a key question.

Dave Ware said...

Who was the guy who claimed that Henry Kissinger called him on the phone? He seemed to fit the obligatory conspira-loon that the BBC were looking for.

I thought both you and Norman Baker came across very well, although I hear that Norman doesn't see any links to all the other dead scientist (which I disagree with him on). keep up the great work...!

Anonymous said...

That was national security lawyer Michael Shrimpton.


Kissinger is on line 2.

Dave Saunders said...

I find this whole situation highly suspicious, as i did at the time of Dr Kellys death. Couple that with the governments highly erratic behaviour during that period, especially it's vitriolic attacks on the BBC, it's senior staff, and Andrew Gilligan in particular, and i think the most ardent anti-conspiracy supporter might think twice before commenting.

Incidentally, i tried to contact Rowena and Norman Baker the night the BBC aired this show with words of encouragement and a few comments of my own via email. It will probably come as no surprise to some that both websites were down, and my emails were returned with various error messages...

Cue Twighlight Zone theme... :)

silversox said...

Please go to:-


Please sign the petition if you think that Dr David Kelly's death was NOT suicide.

Anonymous said...

No good conspiracy theory would overlook the fact that Valerie Plame (WMD tracking for CIA) was outed only three days before Kelly was found murdered.

Also, he probably shouldn't have said out loud that he'd probably be found dead in the woods because if it wasn't a suicide that is what the murderers would do to make it look like one if they had the resources to pull it off.