Sunday, February 11, 2007

At 9pm on SUNDAY 25 FEBRUARY, BBC2's "THE CONSPIRACY FILES" looks at evidence which casts doubt on the government's official line regarding Dr David Kelly's death: 'We explore the questions remaining following the death of the weapons inspector.'


The Iconoclast said...

We can only hope the programme asks the right questions and doesn't get bogged down in any of the more specious conspiracy theories.

Time will tell. But a reolution to this is sorely needed.

The Iconoclast said...

Thanks for the warning of the programme. I only hope the BBC tackle this objectively and reject some of the more bizarre conspiracy theories that surround the issue.

The only thing that is going to resolve the many questions surrounding David's death is for the formal inquest to be re-opened, the issues addressed in open court - under oath - and for a proper inquest verdict to be reached.

Only then ahould anyone feel easy that justice has been done.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to imagine Dr Kelly not being realistic and robust about the political arena in which he was operating, given his extensive experience with the UK Government and, internationally, as described in this blog. This alone should cast considerable doubt on the suicide verdict.
As to the murdererss, it would seem unlikely that the Iraqis would bother to act in the UK and would bother at all as Dr Kelly was one of a distinguised team of investigators. This leaves other foreign powers, including the US, and the embarrassed UK Government.
The lax framing of the Hutton Enquiry combined with the conflicting medical evidence and eye-witness accounts of the murder scene strongly suggest murder with UK Goverment as complict, if not directly involved.
We need to continue with the investigation, as what a past or future muzzled enquiry cannot reveal may see the light of day through the press and other channels.
I do wish scientists working in sensitive areas would be more resourceful and systematic about recording their lives and any potential threats, real or imagined. Why is it their partners are usually the least realistic and informed?
It would appear from information on this blog, that a guiding principle should be never to trust your own government. Assume survelliance and take counter measurers.