Monday, April 02, 2007

NORMAN BAKER: "The Strange Death of Dr Kelly"

Talk at 7.45 pm on Wednesday 11th April
All Saints Centre, Friars Walk, Lewes, East Sussex

Next week, on April 11th, Norman Baker MP will be presenting his lecture 'The Strange Death of Dr David Kelly' for Changing Times, challenging the official story surrounding the alleged suicide of the UN weapons inspector in 2003.

ANDY THOMAS, Changing Times

A presentation by NORMAN BAKER MP

Wednesday 11 April 2007, All Saints Centre, Friars Walk, Lewes, East Sussex, 7.45pm

What really happened to the UK's leading weapons inspector in the wake oft he Iraqi WMD scandal? Was it suicide or something more sinister? Norman Baker MP, described recently by the Daily Mail as 'the greatest man in politics', shares the revealing findings of his own ongoing investigation,and exposes the anomalies and cover-ups of the David Kelly affair. Admission £5. Tickets are ONLY available at the door (no pre-booking).

P R E S S R E L E A S E :


Norman Baker MP, who resigned from the front bench of the Liberal Democrats to research the mysterious death of UN weapons inspector David Kelly, is presenting the latest results of his investigations at the Lewes All Saints Centre on April 11th 2007. The death of David Kelly at the height of the "weapons of mass destruction" debacle in 2003 was highly controversial. After casting doubt on the Blair government's claims about WMDs in Iraq, Kelly was vilified as a "Walter Mitty" character - and then shockingly found dead in woods near his home.

The official verdict was suicide, but Lewes MP Norman Baker believes the evidence refutes this. Baker, recently described by the Daily Mail as 'the greatest man in politics,' holds that the circumstances surrounding Kelly's death make suicide the least likely explanation, and murder a more probable solution.His investigations have raised national awareness of the uncomfortable discrepancies in the official story.

Writing in the Mail, Baker says: 'I challenge the [suicide] conclusion. I do so on the basis that the medical evidence available simply cannot support it, that Dr Kelly's own behaviour and character argues strongly against it, and that there were grave shortcomings in the way that the legal and investigative processes set up to consider his death were followed.'

Now Norman Baker will be unveiling his latest research into the David Kelly affair in a public presentation for the Lewes-based Changing Times organisation, which has recently held packed lectures on a number of important topics, including alternative views on 9/11. The event will take place on 11th April 2007 at the All Saints Centre, Friars Walk, Lewes, at 7.45pm.

Details can be found at Tickets are £5 and available only on the door. Andy Thomas of Changing Times says: 'Norman Baker's investigations into David Kelly's death reveal vital and disturbing issues that everyone should be aware of.'


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A recording of Norman Baker's talk is available from:

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Are we all blind? Can't we see who is behind the death of David Kelly?
Look at the case of John J Kokal....don't tell me that was the Iraqi secret service!