Friday, April 06, 2007


Many thanks to all the people who wrote to me after watching the BBCs's documentary on Dr Kelly on 25 February. The programme-makers were faced with a difficult task, as they were refused interviews by politicians, police, the official forensics team, Dr Kelly's friends and family. Despite this massive stone-wall, the programme was slickly-presented, and succeeded in highlighting at least some of the discrepancies in the official story.

I regret that due to illness, I have been unable to answer all your e-mails, but rest assured all points have been noted. It is heartening to know that many people still care. Dr Kelly was a gem of a human-being - one of those rare people who use their talents for the common good. However, far from being honoured for it, his life was effectively trashed. It was painful to watch, and this is what drives many of us to search for answers. -- RT

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Rowena, looks like you were up until the early hours on here, last night. Good to see an up-date; I'm just waiting to hear that the powers that be have decided to re-open the case. If and when the others get in, do you think they are likely to look into the matter?

The programme was very good, showing a detailed insight to events leading up to the tragedy. I still say that DC Coe and his colleagues should have been cross-questioned, under oath, at a proper inquest.

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