Saturday, December 09, 2006


The investigation into Dr Kelly's death has reached a critical stage. This opportunity will not come again. Now is the time to come forward with potential leads. A person or persons living in Dr Kelly's locality (Southmoor/Longworth, Oxon) have left messages here (see below) anonymously. Please would anyone with local (or any other useful) information write, in confidence, either to me at:

or to Norman Baker MP at:


Tel: 01273 480268

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Ed Vaizey and Norman Baker have been busy, but it's not enough.

So the BBC are doing an hour-long programme in Jan, re. the David Kelly 'suicide' - that's sure to be an even bigger whitewash. The answers are right here, locally, on our door-steps but no-one will listen. Interview all those present, before his body was found, and immediately afterwards.
Someone is living with a huge lie on his conscience.

Anonymous said...

I knew David Kelly - he was a very clever but stubborn man, and I think the 'authorities' thought he knew too much for his own good. An independant Inquest should be called for, and an answer sought to the question 'who killed Dr David Kelly?' We (locals) didn't believe the stories in the papers, not for one second. This Government is trying to brain-wash us. Norman Baker MP, and Ed Vaizey MP, have voiced their thoughts, but who will listen? Who is in the position to call for an Inquest? In other words, what authoritative figure is there who isn't corrupt and is held in great esteem and total unbiased respect? Who is there?


ray wlls said...

Dr Kelly obviously knew too much and was too forth right,just like Menzies saw somthing he shouldnt have n was asssasinated and the events reports of 9/11 were erased from footage on that tragic day in the states.Orwell did warn us such things would happen,even t.e lawrence of arabias death circumstances were open to debate.So sad that such an intelligent man as Dr Kelly should be killed to cover up their acts of war.

Rowena Thursby said...

Who was "Menzies"?