Sunday, December 09, 2007


7th December 2007

I am reading The Strange Death Of David Kelly by Norman Baker MP, which proves Dr Kelly had been doing his job all too well for Blair's liking.

In 1995 Kelly did find the site and traces of a dirty bomb which had been tested in 1987. This WMD presumably remained undossiered because Britain helped Saddam to develop it when ministers were selling weapons to Iraq, despite the embargo against such deals.

Strange indeed that a UK government worker of Kelly's distinction and integrity was pushed to his death, whether by his own hand or those of others — as to which, this book's researches are inconclusive. The in-depth substantiations of Baker's report, as opposed to Lord Hutton's/ Blair's sponsored whitewash, reflect page after page of grimly damning dishonour upon the disinformation that sanctioned Bush 'n' Blair's unilateral colonisation of Iraq via ultra-lethal Shock 'n' Awe WMDs.

All this when it seemed inconceivable that things could get any worse for Blair, Campbell & Co's — er — legacy in this department.

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